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Weather and Climate Summary


Aruba is a Dutch Caribbean island located in the southern Caribbean Sea, just off the coast of Venezuela. Known for its stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and arid landscapes, Aruba attracts visitors seeking sunshine and relaxation.

Climate Classification

The island has a tropical semi-arid climate, classified as "BSh" under the Köppen climate classification system. This classification indicates hot and arid conditions with little rainfall.


Temperatures are warm year round, with average highs ranging from 85°F (29°C) in the cooler months to 89°F (32°C) in the warmer months. The island's location outside the hurricane belt contributes to its stable climate.


Aruba has a very arid climate, with minimal rainfall throughout the year. The island typically receives less than 20 inches of rainfall annually, with the majority of precipitation occurring during brief, sporadic showers or thunderstorms.

Wind Patterns

The island is influenced by trade winds, which blow from the northeast and help to moderate temperatures. These winds also contribute to the island's arid conditions by limiting moisture from reaching the island.

Extreme Weather Events

Aruba is not typically affected by tropical storms or hurricanes due to its location outside the main hurricane belt. However, the island can experience occasional brief showers or thunderstorms, especially during the rainy season.

Geographic Influences

The island's climate is influenced by its relatively low elevation, limited vegetation, and location outside the typical paths of tropical storms and hurricanes. The island's dry and rocky terrain contributes to its desert-like environment.

Season Variations

There is little variation in weather throughout the year, with warm temperatures and minimal rainfall being consistent features. While there is technically a wet season from October to January, rainfall amounts are still relatively low compared to other Caribbean destinations.

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